Summer is a great time to get outdoors!

Don’t forget to protect your eyes from harmful UV exposure, which can cause conditions like:

Sunglasses with UV protection are essential. UV filters protect our eyes from unwanted light (glare), lessen exposure to harmful UV light, and keep dust and dirt out of our eyes.

Since Wyoming will be a great place to view the Solar Eclipse next month, it’s important you know how to enjoy this event safely and not be left with permanent vision loss.

How to safely enjoy the Solar Eclipse on August 21:

Don’t look directly at the sun!

Viewing the total solar eclipse is safe, because no sun rays are being transmitted. But the real danger is just before and just after the total eclipse. As the atmosphere darkens, your pupils enlarge to let in more light. This is why looking at a partial eclipse is so dangerous as you are exposed to more damaging sunlight than usual in the dilated state. Young children and those who have had cataract surgery get the most transmission of light through their clear lenses, making them especially at risk of the damaging effects of eclipse viewing.

Solar Eclipse Safety

Our Optical Center has special glasses made for safely viewing the eclipse.

To protect your eyes, special sunglasses made out of black polymer ND 5 Seymour, which can filter 100 percent of dangerous radiation from ultra-violet and 100 percent from infrared.

NASA has a list of companies authorized to make this type of filter: Check out the list. Be sure to follow the directions very carefully when using eclipse viewing glasses so you do not risk developing permanent vision loss.

Come into the Optical Center at the Cheyenne Eye Clinic to check out our wide variety of sunglasses for everyday wear and Solar Eclipse glasses for your entire family.


Our Optical Department will close at 2:00 PM on November 20th to attend the memorial service for a dear friend and colleague. 

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