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Laser Vision Correction

Cheyenne's experts in LASIK, PRK, and SMILE Procedures.

Isn't It Time To Free Yourself From Prescription Glasses?

There’s no doubt that prescription glasses and contacts enhance your quality of life—but sometimes they can get in the way of what you love.

Whether you are fumbling to get your glasses from the nightstand, constantly swapping out prescription glasses for safety glasses or goggles, going for a swim, skiing, or mountain biking – dependency on glasses and contacts can be a hassle.

Laser vision correction can help. Find out if you are a candidate with a consultation as part of your routine eye exam.

What Is Laser Vision Correction?

Laser vision correction (LASIK, PRK, or SMILE) is an effective surgical procedure using lasers to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. These vision problems are often caused by an imperfect shape of your cornea (the part of your eye that focuses light to create an image). Glasses or contacts make up for an eye’s physical imperfections—but laser vision correction gets to the root of the problem by reshaping the cornea, resulting in long-term vision improvements.

Which Procedure is Right For Me?

Every person and their eyes are unique, which means LASIK may be right for some, but not others depending on a variety of personal factors. You can start learning if LASIK is right for you, by checking out our 6 Characteristics of a Great LASIK Candidate. Then request an appointment for a LASIK consultation at the Cheyenne Eye Clinic & Surgery Center!

Why Should I Choose The Cheyenne Eye Clinic & Surgery Center?

Cheyenne Eye Clinic is proud to partner with the best Laser vision correction surgeons in the region at Eye Center of Northern Colorado. Our Refractive specialists will care for you before and after your procedure, right here in Cheyenne.

We focus on providing each patient with only the best chance of great results, meaning we don’t cut corners with technique or equipment to artificially lower the price to draw you in at the expense of your final vision.

No two eyes are the same. No singular vision correction technology can provide the very best outcomes for every unique set of eyes. That’s why our surgeons offer LASIK, PRK, and SMILE procedures – so we can offer you the procedure that’s right for your eyes.

Using the latest technology, we are proud to now offer SMILE (SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction), a minimally invasive procedure designed to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contacts for patients with myopia (nearsightedness), thin corneas, and/or chronic dry eye. SMILE can produce similar visual results to LASIK vision correction.

Laser Vision Correction Consultations & Referrals

Let’s talk about the right laser vision correction procedure for your unique eyes. Cheyenne Eye Clinic & Surgery Center is offering consultations to discuss options such as PRK, LASIK and SMILE, the details of each procedure, whether you’re a candidate and which procedure would best fit your vision needs. Like a camera lens, the cornea

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