As children grow and change from year to year, so do their eyes and vision. Sometimes parents can tell when their child has a vision problem, like when they squint, hold reading materials close to their face or complain about things being blurry, but sometimes vision trouble isn’t as obvious. Here are some subtleties in their behavior to look for.

Vision Problems Signs

Short Attention Span

Your child might seem to quickly lose interest in games, projects or other lengthy activities.


Losing Their Place When Reading

As your child reads (aloud or silently), they may have difficulty seeing to keep track of where they are on the page.


Avoiding Reading & Close Activities

Your child may avoid reading, drawing, playing games or doing other projects that need up-close focus.


Turning Their Head to the Side

A child may turn their head to the side when looking at something in front of them. This may be a sign of a refractive error, including astigmatism. Turning their head helps the child see better.



Adapted from the American Academy of Ophthalmology


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