If you have decided that you’d like to try contact lenses for the first time, there are many considerations to make and questions to ask yourself. Am I able to wear contacts? How do I know if they fit properly? What brand should I use? What about products I will need to maintain my contacts? It is important to understand the answers to these and many other questions when making the decision to wear contacts or not.

The first step is to schedule a contact lens examination. This is not the same as a regular examination for glasses, as contacts are classified as medical devices and require special tests in the exam.

A contact lens examination is structured to determine if your eyes are compatible for contacts. The tests conducted will allow the doctor to get information specifically relating to your eyes and contacts. The size and shape of your eyes will be carefully measured, as well as your eyes’ tear production to make sure you will be able to comfortably wear the contacts.

You and your doctor should also discuss how often you plan to wear your contact lenses. Some people wear them every day, some less frequently, and this can determine the type of lenses you need. Soft lenses can be worn sporadically if you desire, while rigid gas permeable contacts need to be worn every day for them to be comfortable.

If you have allergies or dry eyes, choosing the right lenses may be challenging. Finding the right lens will be a decision you and your doctor make together, so it is crucial to discuss your condition. Daily disposable lenses may help with these situations, but you may find that your condition is not compatible with wearing contact lenses.

In addition to improving your vision, there are lenses that can change your appearance if that is your desire. Colored lenses or special cosmetic lenses are popular, especially around Halloween, but it is important that any lens you purchase is prescribed by your eye care professional.

Taking proper care of your contact lenses is very important. Some lenses require daily cleaning, while some are disposable, and you can wear a new pair every day if you wish.

So, to answer the original question, most providers, if not all, will provide a trial pair of lenses after your examination, with a follow up visit to evaluate your experience in adapting to the lenses. It may be necessary at the follow up visit to change the type of lens or the frequency with which you wear them.

If you have decided that contact lenses are for you, book an appointment with your eyecare professional. As important as that first visit is, you should follow up with annual visits to make sure your eyes are continuing to tolerate the lenses and show no signs of ill effects from them.

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