General Eye Care

Dr. Kristopher Hubbard

Let us focus on you so you can focus on what matters.

Our doctors and staff are your partners and advocates for your health, and you can rely on our comprehensive services at every stage of your life. For decades, patients have entrusted their vision to the doctors and staff at the Cheyenne Eye Clinic so they can live the life they want and focus on what matters to them—whether that means more time with family and friends, biking on the Greenway, or furthering their career.

From routine eye exams to optical services, we take your health very seriously. Whether you’re a new patient or you’ve been with us for years, we thank you for your trust.


At Cheyenne Eye Clinic, we believe strongly that eye health begins with regular exams.

Routine eye exams are important to maintain good eye health. Certain eye diseases do not have symptoms, therefore regular eye examinations are imperative to diagnose potentially sight-threatening diseases. Diagnosis of eye disease at an early stage can often help to prevent or significantly slow vision loss.

Annual exams are especially important for patients diagnosed with diabetes because they are at higher risk for many conditions and diseases.

If you have any questions about the health of your eyes, please do not hesitate to ask us! We welcome any question you have and take great pains to help all our patients make comfortable, informed decisions about their health.


Focus on what matters.


We welcome everyone to visit us for their optical needs. You do not need to be a Cheyenne Eye Clinic patient. We accept prescriptions from other eye care providers here in Cheyenne or from out of town.

The Optical Center at Cheyenne Eye Clinic is a full-service optical shop with a staff of opticians ready to help with your optical needs. Our opticians are certified by the National Board of examiners in optometry to give you the confidence of working with highly qualified, professional staff. We offer a complete line of fashion frames and accessories for all ages from infants to adults. Our products are warranted and frame repairs and adjustments are available.

The Ultimate Lens Package from Essilor is now available at the Cheyenne Eye Clinic Optical Center! These lenses sharpen your vision, have adaptive light protection and no-glare technology. They’re the trifecta of clearer vision.

We carry the following optical brands and more.

Your optical group is phenomenal. They take their time with each patient and fitting, answer any questions you have and help you make informed decisions when choosing frames.Rob


Whether you wear spherical, toric, multifocal or specialty lenses, or have challenging conditions such as keratoconus, our contact lens department is here to help you with all of your contact lens needs. Our skilled technicians instruct proper insertion and removal techniques, as well as proper care of contact lenses


The goal of contact lens fitting is to find the most appropriate contact lens for each patient’s optimal comfort and vision. A wide variety of types, materials, sizes, and colors are offered. We are committed to taking the time and making the effort to fit you properly. Although many patients will need only one fitting session, sometimes this process requires several appointments. In our experience, the extra time, effort, and patience improve your satisfaction with contacts and the health of your eyes.

You will be provided with personalized instruction in the safe care and usage of your new lenses. Upon completion of a successful insertion and removal session, you may begin wearing your lenses and we will schedule your first follow-up appointment.

The fitting fee is due when lenses are fit. The contact lens charges are due on delivery of the contacts. The only exceptions are therapeutic lenses, which are medically necessary.

We maintain a stock of most lenses and can order anything else. Call today for your contact lens fitting.

We carry the following contact brands and more.