Let’s talk about the right laser vision correction procedure for your unique eyes. Cheyenne Eye Clinic & Surgery Center is offering consultations to discuss options such as PRK, LASIK and SMILE, the details of each procedure, whether you’re a candidate and which procedure would best fit your vision needs. Like a camera lens, the cornea focuses light onto the retina so you can see what’s around you. But when the cornea is misshapen, it won’t focus correctly. While glasses and contact lenses help correct this issue, laser vision correction surgery eliminates the problem by reshaping the cornea. PRK, LASIK and SMILE are very similar. They’re all designed to produce clearer vision and correct refractive errors such as near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism by reshaping the eye’s corneal tissue. The main difference is how your eyes will be prepared for this reshaping. During PRK, the top layer of the cornea is removed before the laser then reshapes the cornea. This top layer of the cornea is made of regenerative tissues and will regrow after surgery. During LASIK, instead of removing the top layer of the cornea, a small flap is created that allows access to the supporting tissue in the eye. After the cornea is reshaped, the flap is laid back down. During SMILE, a tiny incision is made in the cornea and a contact-lens shaped piece of tissue is removed. This process is what reshapes the cornea. What makes you a good candidate for one of these laser vision correction platforms? Your lifestyle, the condition and strength of your corneas, your age and the overall condition of your health, your vision goals and other factors we’re looking forward to discussing with you at your free consultation. Schedule your consultation with Cheyenne Eye Clinic & Surgery Center for a referral to our partners at the Eye Center of Northern Colorado.


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