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Healthy Habits: Smoking & Your Eyes

As a nation, we can agree that smoking is bad for us. Nicotine is an addictive drug that can lead to major health issues including cancer and heart disease. It’s not easy on the eyes, either. Smoking elevates the risk of eye conditions that can lead to vision trouble and even blindness, and that risk […]

LASIK: It’s Time to Invest in Your Vision

How long have you been wearing prescription glasses, but thinking of getting LASIK vision correction: months, years? Maybe something came up, maybe you’ve been unsure about whether LASIK is right for you, or maybe you were waiting for just the right time. Consider this: glasses and contact lenses make up for an eye’s physical imperfection, […]

Technology for Exceptional Care: Injections in Nonsurgical Rejuvenation

The Cheyenne Eye Clinic & Surgery Center is proud to offer many options to help you look and feel your best, including cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures and products. Our non-surgical alternatives, like injection treatments, can refresh your look without a long recovery. BOTOX® for Frown Lines BOTOX® Cosmetic is a quick, 10-minute treatment that […]

Eye Exam Technology

We believe that investing in state of the art technology is important; having the best tools in house means better care for our community. Cheyenne Eye Clinic & Surgery Center is home to ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians, making it easy to care for every part of your eye, in the same place.

Technology for Exceptional Care

Technology for Exceptional Care: Retina, Optic Nerve & Cornea At Cheyenne Eye Clinic & Surgery Center, we use the latest and best technology to care for your eyes. We use these four, non-invasive devices to help diagnose issues with your vision and to create a plan for treatment. OCT Machine: Scanner for Retinal and Optic […]

Meet Dr. Bowman

Get to know Dr. Taylor Bowman – Our Low Vision Specialist What is it like in your hometown in Pennsylvania? My hometown was pretty small. My high school has a farm basically in its backyard. You played sports in college. How has that influenced you? I’ve played sports since I was around 7 or 8. […]

How Athletes Avoid Eye Injuries

More than 40% of eye injuries every year are related to sports or recreational activities. These injuries account for 100,000 physician visits each year. Approximately 42,000 people with sports-related eye injuries end up in the emergency room and 13,500 go blind, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Ninety percent of these eye injuries can […]

6 Healthy Eye Habits for Kids

Healthy vision is important for the whole family and begins with healthful practices during childhood. You can help keep your kids’ vision in tiptop shape with these six easy habits. Have their eyes checked. Sometimes you know your child can see well, but sometimes it’s hard to tell. A regular eye exam can uncover problems […]

How do you choose the right sunglasses?

The sun is shining, the weather is warm; it’s a great season to be outdoors in Wyoming. But don’t forget to protect your eyes from that summer sun! That’s right, your eyes! Too much sun exposure can lead to cataracts and other eye ailments. By wearing sunglasses you can help protect your eyes, and they […]

Ophthalmologist, Optometrist, or Optician? Who you see matters.

When should you start seeing an ophthalmologist? Can an optometrist perform eye surgery? Your vision may depend on knowing the difference. Their titles may appear confusing, but each has its own specialty. We’ve made it easy to understand. Cheyenne Eye Clinic and Surgery Center is home to ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians, making it easy to […]